LineMaster Installations demonstrate dramatic payback and multiple benefits for extrusion

One major benefit that all processors reported was savings on raw materials in production – both on short and long production runs. A film extrusion company saw significant savings on yield by the ease of the gram per meter control, producing a diverse range of short run films ranging from 120 to 150 grams per meter, whilst a pipe producer making large bore PE drainage pipes likewise saw a dramatic reduction in wastage of materials, seeing a faster start-up and achieving control within 0.5% on targets ranging in between 18 to 55kg per meter. Overall typical LineMaster installations achieve a massive 4% saving on raw material consumption.

The LineMaster system monitors the kg/h consumption of raw material via a loss in weight hopper mounted directly on the throat of the extruder. This monitors materials usage and updates every second calculating kg/h. Coupled with that a digital encoder can be mounted downstream to monitor LineSpeed providing feedback on the meters per minute the line is running at. This data combined the system calculates very accurately the gram per meter or micron of the product being extruded and can lock in and adjust either the extruder drive, haul off drive or both to control the line very accurately.

This then eliminates many process variations that can lead to excessive consumption of material that cannot be tracked consistently enough by manual spot checks. Issues such as screen pack, voltage fluctuations, screw wear, and materials bulk density variations all can be managed effectively by LineMaster extrusion control keeping the line constantly trimmed within the target set.

Quality Control from several applications have reported the benefits and simplicity of the system showing consistent roll weights in blow and cast film, as well as peace of mind in terms of data on what’s been produced constantly.

A recent cable line application demonstrated enhanced productivity by having automatic control – speeding up dramatically the changing of reels and allowing operates to see in real time material consumed and product produced, reducing scrap and overall changeover time.

The LineMaster Extrusion and Yield Control System is quick and easy to install minimising the time a line is down, plus is very easy for operators to start to use – having the ability run the line as before in manual mode and then when ready simply switch to automatic control, keying in target for the product.

LineMaster runs with all free flowing materials, be they granules or powders. The system is backed with a full 5 year warranty on all electrical and mechanicals parts. Contact PolyMation to see how the system can benefit your production – be it film, sheet, cable, profile or pipe extrusion.

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