Poly Mation is a one stop shop for plastic processors in the Middle East and East Africa to provide them with a complete solution for all materials handling needs, that meets customers requirements simple or complex, with effective solutions in budget, on time.

We distribute equipment from leading suppliers from Europe and America to provide plastics processors with complete solutions for materials handling, from simple small applications to complete plant wide handling systems. Collectively we have over 35 years experience working in automating materials handling with years of specific experience in Materials Conveying, Dosing and Blending, Materials Drying, Granulation and other handling requirements.

Our equipment is installed in all types of Plastic Converters including Injection and Blow Moulding, as well as Film, Sheet, Pipe & Profile, Wire & Cable and Compounding applications.
Why use us?

  1. We optimise materials consumption through correct specification through to installation of materials handling equipment. Typically up to 70% of annual operating costs are raw materials – we deliver real savings for every type of plastics processor by cutting wastage, scrap and focusing on the largest opportunities for cost savings in your plant.
  2. In our extensive experience of plastics processors in the Middle East the handling and automation of raw materials is often an afterthought, supplied with OEM equipment that does not consider the plant globally and meet requirements as processors grow. This results in the problems of not having a common approach – from service and support from multiple suppliers, lack of integration and missed opportunity to make the handling as efficient as possible.
  3. Cheap labour is often seen as a reason not to automate – however again consider low cost labour is handling the highest cost. Problems of cheap labour are lack of understanding on the process itself, education, human error and consistency – which all in turn affect product consistency, scrap rates and day to day handling and wastage. Investment in automation eliminates these variables. Data resulting from automation gives management a clear window to the costs and efficiencies in production making planning, growth and development decisions realistic and more likely successful. In studies made automation out performs and pays back real returns compared to manual intensive handling of raw material stocks from moving around the plant, dosing and mixing to reprocessing scrap.

No matter what location the bulk of any plastics converter’s annual costs are raw materials. By using innovative and helpful solutions Poly Mation can bring significant savings in day to day raw materials costs, reducing wastage of material, providing clear information on materials usage and help improve overall product quality and production efficiency. Contact us to see how we can save your money and improve productivity.